Stories you might’ve missed, May 10

VIDEO: Employees get punched in the face — Fight between several men at Cecil Street nightclub

A fight broke out between several men in front of a nightclub along 133 Cecil Street. A video of the incident, with the caption, “Fierce,” was posted on Facebook page Singapore Incidents on Sunday (May 8).

According to 8world News, several men began shouting at the Cherry Discotheque nightclub staff. Some of them also punched the employees in the face. The 18-second video showed the club’s staff members picking up queue poles in retaliation. Two women, the club bouncers and security, among other individuals, were also at the scene.

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K Shanmugam: The offence of cheating is serious and given that trainee lawyers committed it, it is “doubly serious”

Weighing in on the 11 trainee lawyers who cheated in the 2020 Bar exams, K Shanmugam said that there were no other such cases found.

Speaking in Parliament on Monday (May 9), the Law and Home Affairs Minister said that “there is a difference” between whether cheating in the exams had occurred and what the Singapore Institute of Legal Education (SILE) has found. However, he emphasised that there were no other such cases found.

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Netizen: ‘Pangolin wants to try MRT but realised he forget to bring EZ link card so must walk home to collect’

In Singapore, seeing wild animals occasionally make their way among humans is not that unusual, and fortunately, many people go out of their way to protect them and make sure they’re safe. This is exactly what happened when a pangolin found its way into an MRT station near Bukit Timah recently. 

On April 14, Ms Purnima Ralhan posted photos and a video of pangolin on the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page. The little creature can be seen walking up the stairs, and then along a corridor, appearing to follow a scent of sorts.

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TraceTogether tokens or apps may be needed in future, don’t discard them yet: Ong Ye Kung

Ong Ye Kung cautioned people not to get rid of their TraceTogether tokens or apps just yet, as they may be needed in future should the Covid-19 situation worsens.

The Health Minister said in Parliament on Monday (May 9) that “We are taking a cautious, ‘step down but not dismantle’ posture for our public health measures”. Mr Ong was responding to a question by Ms Nadia Ahmad Samdin (Ang Mo Kio GRC), who had asked if there will be guidelines developed for the reactivation of TraceTogether and SafeEntry as contact tracing tools.

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Man shouted “Stop it!” to his girlfriend’s sexual advances, now she doesn’t want to see him anymore, asks advice: “I’m not sure what to do”

A man wrote in with a relationship dilemma, saying he was “at a loss” regarding his girlfriend. It seems that she “always makes the first move” when it comes to showing affection, which makes him “uncomfortable at times”, especially in public.

He wrote on the NUS Whispers Facebook page on Sunday (May 8) that he’s not sure what to do, after “One day, when I tried to decline her advances, she insisted and I pulled her hand up and shouted ‘Stop it’. She was shocked and cried. She didn’t want to see me for the next few days and when I called she would tell me she is busy with work,” acknowledging that he “must have hurt her badly.”

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